Family events, endless celebrations, and all of the holiday fun may be exhausting on your body and mind, and it can be tough to return to “regular” life once it all ends. Are you still struggling to strike a balance?

Below are five ways to help you boost your energy.

  1. Get back to your normal schedule
    Organizing and attending events, traveling to visit family and friends, and everything that comes with the festivities may be mentally and physically draining. Whatever your regular routine is, prioritize the necessities first. Until you feel rejuvenated, try going to bed 30 minutes earlier each night. The extra rest will benefit both your body and mind, making it simpler to return to normal.
  2. Take the first couple of days to catch up
    It’s a good idea to devote the first few days to catching up on your own responsibilities. It’s wise to complete any tasks you weren’t able to complete before leaving on vacation as soon as possible.
  3. Prioritize your tasks
    Allow yourself some time to prioritize before diving into work without a strong plan. Examine your inbox. Sort tasks into different categories to consider which jobs should be accomplished first and which may wait.
  4. Reflect on your work
    During the holiday season, new ideas may emerge, or you may become aware of areas at work that might be enhanced. When you return to work, it may be a wise decision to begin revising your work routines and talking to your coworkers about things you perceive may be done more effectively.
  5. Be positive and keep a good attitude
    Positive and good attitudes have a huge influence on our general well-being. If you smile and have a pleasant mood when you arrive at work, you will begin your day on a positive note.

Remember, even if it requires some time to reintegrate into your normal routine, your body will appreciate your efforts.

Pre-Holiday Tip: If you know when your vacation will be, plan ahead of time so that you may take two days off before returning to work to recuperate and get back on track.