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Have you ever thought of what makes a good website design? Here’s a short guide to creating a conversion-boosting business website.

  1. Consider the user’s journey first
    The importance of doing research and considering the layout of the home page before proceeding to sketch ideas is fundamental to the design process. A website that ignores accessibility or has a poor user interface has a far lower chance of receiving a significant amount of traffic; after all, UX and SEO are closely linked.Once you gain a deeper insight into what your target audience expects from a page, you can start working on the information architecture(IA). Good IA will create a hierarchy that emphasizes the most important elements and keeps visitors engaged.
  2. Get the visual hierarchy right
    A strong visual hierarchy makes the difference between a website layout design that directs users to the action you want them to take and a site that just looks nice. There are two main eye-scanning patterns that people use to quickly scan blocks of content:

    1. The F-shaped pattern 
    2. The Z-shaped pattern
  3. Focus on your call-to-action buttons
    No website is complete without call-to-action buttons (CTAs). Strategic use of well-designed CTAs can greatly improve the flow of the page and guide the user toward conversion.