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When designing and developing a website, typography and font selection cannot and should not be an afterthought. They have a significant effect on a wide range of important factors, including user engagement, user experience, and readability.

Let us take a brief look at some of the most important factors to consider when choosing typography for a website:

  1. Limit font choices
    When choosing fonts for your website, you must find a balance. When all looks the same, it’s difficult to distinguish between bits of content or draw attention to something in particular.
  2. Readable
    Use the font selections to lead the reader through the page, drawing their attention to relevant details and encouraging them to take action. Consider the standard layout of an article or a web page:
    • A nice, big, and clear headline.
    • A smaller but equally straightforward subheading.
    • The body copy, which is not too small and is split up by other subheadings.
  3. Use color and formatting sparingly
    Using too many different colors in the content will confuse your reader. Also, keep in mind that we read from left to right. Use alignment to split up large blocks of text and guide the reader down the page to your call to action.

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