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Easy Accounting – ODOO

With thousands of business applications, get all the features you need in one single solution. Once you use Easy Accounting – ODOO for one application, you get the flexibility to deploy new apps, launch new departments or integrate new activities in just a few clicks. No need to train users, configure the system or integrate with other applications.

Currently, Odoo has over 700 modules that cater to the various needs of an organization. Open ERP is being used everywhere, from small and medium-sized companies to large business houses.


Odoo is a feature-filled business application framework with literally hundreds of applications and modules available. In essence, Easy Accounting – ODOO can easily become a one-stop solution for small to medium-size enterprises.

Odoo is unique, it creates and designs the right infrastructure for any business to flourish beyond the current business standards.

Our developers can successfully customize any modules of Odoo modules like Sales, Purchase, CRM, Project Management, Warehouse Management, Manufacturing, Financial Management, Human Resources, etc., and seamlessly integrate different processes into one hood, hence, making the suite more suitable for all businesses across the world.

Our developers provide complete Odoo Implementation requirements including requirement research, project planning, business modeling, solution design, and Production System Setup.


GES Odoo services include:ODOO-OpenERP


  • Customer Relationship Management – Boost sales productivity, improve win rates, grow revenue
  • Point of Sale – Touchscreen interface for shops
  • Project Management – Get things done, together
  • Accounting – All you need to run your business
  • Human Resources – Manage people, the most important asset in your company
  • Warehouse – A revolutionary double-entry inventory system
  • Sales – From quotes to invoices, in just a few clicks
  • Manufacturing – Manage Bill of Materials, Plan Manufacturing Orders, Track Work Orders
  • Purchase – Automate procurements, control products and invoicing, and 200 more applications…