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Software as a Service development – also known as SaaS Development, is a new business concept that has the potential to transform the way people have used software typically. In the Software as a Service (SaaS) model – software is hosted generally on centralized network/ web servers to make functionality available over the web or intranet. From a development perspective, we can say that such SaaS can be managed and maintained easily compared to the hassles involved in other software models. For end-users, such service is easy to consume and there is the possibility of using such service on a pay-per-use basis.

Cloud-SaaS Development

Future of SaaS Solutions Development in Mauritius

Slowly and steadily Mauritius is emerging as a market leader for developing and distributing Software as a Service (SaaS). With a rich talent pool of SaaS Developers, Mauritius is contributing significantly to SaaS Development worldwide. Companies from all over the world are looking to bring costs down of their IT operations. A solution to this problem is to go for SaaS implementation or SaaS integration into current systems. The future of SaaS development in Mauritius is bright as Mauritius has the required talent pool and resources to support the SaaS business model.

Role of Software as a Service in Web 2.0

The term Web 2.0 became popular after the year 2004. Web 2.0 is not some kind of upgrade of the current internet, but it is how sites are evolving to act as a computing platform on the web. Interlinked sites exchange data with each other and process it to provide a system that acts as a platform. SaaS has a big role to play in Web 2.0. Software as a Service (SaaS) will make it possible for other sites to consume data and functionality from the SaaS site. This kind of site will help create mashups and highly interlinked websites which we call Web 2.0.

SaaS Integration and Implementation

SaaS Integration in your current system can save you from re-inventing a wheel. Suppose you want Daylight Savings time functionality on your site. Instead of developing your own engine for the same, sometimes it’s cost-effective and time-saving if you do DST SaaS Integration in the current system. There are lots and lots of possibilities. SaaS developers’ team can help you with SaaS integration and let you choose the best service and SaaS companies. SaaS Implementation in your own site can help you increase your customer base. Suppose you are a stockbroker and want to provide analysis for the script as per current data to your end-users. SaaS can be a great tool for that. Contact GES Ltd to know more about SaaS Development, implementation, and integration.

Features & Benefits

Cloud-SaaS Development-Features & Benefits

Operational Services

The operational overhead for SAAS application delivery is significant. Issues like monetization, billing, SLA management, and application provisioning are complex issues and companies face enormous hurdles in cost and time in trying to address these challenges. GES’s Operational Services can be used by application developers to incorporate billing, pricing, SLA management, and provisioning services without writing any code. Furthermore, if companies choose to bypass these services, GES’s open and loosely coupled architecture does not impose any tie-ins thus enabling you to make the best decisions about your application needs.

Scalable Multi-tenant Architecture

The foundation of a mature SAAS application is based on building a multi-tenanted and scalable architecture. Successful SAAS applications are built as single instance applications that are shared by multiple clients on a common hardware and software infrastructure to achieve economies of scale. GES’s unique out-of-the-box architecture allows developers to fully leverage the benefits of multi-tenancy along with a set of diverse On-Demand Application Services.

Along with multi-tenancy comes a robust multi-tenanted load-balanced scale-out architecture that uses standard technologies and infrastructure. This removes tremendous complexity and risks from the SAAS application development process and has the potential to save companies years of development time, and millions of rupees, dollars, and euros in development and operational costs.

Application Services

GES’s On-Demand Application Services hide the technical complexities of SAAS development and enable developers to focus on business logic. Standard application services like Logging, Validation, Presentation, Security, Workflow, Transactions, Messaging, etc. are addressed comprehensively. These services can be used by developers during SAAS application development and can be weaved in and out of the application without changing business logic.

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