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Easy Accounting

Easy Accounting supports small businesses to large corporations – with accounting, invoices, sales, purchases, customer relations, human resources, and much, much more. It provides an integrated view of core business processes, in real-time. Track business resources – cash, raw materials, productivity – and know the status of business commitments – orders, purchase orders, payroll. With this concept, information is entered only once and this data is shared among departments, business relations, and your accountant.

Easy Accounting Modules


Accounting is the financial backbone of any organization. A fully customizable general ledger and multiple journals, cashbook, and bank reconciliation. Generate reports like a balance sheet and profit & loss anytime.


Professional, clear, and correct invoices improve the payment morale of your customers. Fully customizable and easy to generate.

Sales Management

Create sales quotations, sales orders, sales invoices, and manage contracts under the Sales Management module.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management provides you with a double-entry inventory system and allows you to track products and generate inventory reports.

Human Resources

Manage employees and their timesheet activities or attendance, issue payslips with payroll, and manage expenses. These are a few operations that can be carried out under the Human Resource module.


The customer relationship management module allows to manage leads, manage a sales team, multi-level marketing campaigns, and has many more features.