Activities & Fun

At GES, we believe in striking the perfect balance between work and play. Our "Activities & Fun" page is where the magic happens. It's the place where we let our hair down, share laughter, and create memories that go beyond the 9-to-5.

Life at GES is more than just work; it's a tapestry of experiences, laughter, and personal growth. Join us on this journey and discover the vibrant culture that sets us apart.

Explore, laugh, and be part of the fun!


Team Building

  • Twice a year, we organize a team-building with the whole staff.

  • It is a fun and adventurous day where the employees are divided into groups and are assigned various activities throughout the day.

  • The purpose of team building is to motivate our employees to work together, develop their skills, build trust among co-workers, and address any weaknesses.

Team Building
Team swimming at Mt Choisy
Team-Building-Ile aux Cerfs
Sandra getting ready for Parasailing
Tube Ride
On our way back
Unlimited Fun


  • There’s no better way to release stress than going out with all your co-workers.
  • Twice or thrice a year, we plan a full-day trip with the team. The main places for the GES outings are beaches; where the team is provided a BBQ sponsored by GES Ltd, nature parks, and hotels. We also go hiking and camping for a one-night, two days stay.
Power Up


  • At GES Ltd, we have a vested interest in promoting a healthy workforce.
  • We believe in “Healthy employees are happy employees,” which is why we have a corporate gym accessible to all our staff for FREE!
  • The gym is fully operational with two Treadmills, multiple Dumbbells of varying weights, one Stationary Bike, and one Body-Solid Pro Dual Vertical Press & Lat Station.
  • Gym hours are from 5.30 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.
Tubbrez at the Gym
Girls at the Gym
Team Lunch
Boss' Birthday
Gathering Joy


  • Having fun looks a bit different for the GES Team. Each month, we ensure to have a day not like others. On that day, we may arrange a get-together, celebrate ‘International Day’ in honor of some marked event, like ‘Friendship Day’, and even organize birthday parties.

  • For the holiday season, a Christmas lunch with the team is set up. We end the day pleasingly with some entertainment; we play games, without missing the traditional ‘Secret Santa’.