7 Tips for Avoiding Remote Work Security Risks

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Due to the global pandemic, millions of employees are working remotely.  As working from home becomes a gateway to emerging types of data theft, companies face increased cyber-attacks.

IT departments have to ensure the smooth transition of the team to remote work. Security must be their main focus and they can do that by increasing VPN capacities, building up safety protocols, and verifying that teams are adhering to best practices.

Nevertheless, there are some online security risks involved in remote work, which must be taken into consideration to avoid a crisis.

Here are some of the security threats targeting the remote workforce:

  • Phishing attacks
  • Unsecure networks
  • Insecure mobile devices

This is a time of great uncertainty for everyone. Security leaders and IT departments must join hands to manage these risks effectively without disrupting the workflow of the organization.

Review the article below to find out more about security risks and their solutions.

Tips to avoid remote work security risks